Psyop | EA, Apex Legends


I had a great time working on Apex Legends shorts, sometimes
using concept paintings or in-progress game objects as a starting
point. It was an interesting challenge to make things look good in
the comic-like style when modeling/texturing. Lots of assets had
to be built to fit characters or work for FX, and I got experience
laying out large scenes with lots of parts.

The Mill | American Family Insurance

I used photo reference and a real toy car when creating several versions of the model/UVs for the undercarriage and dash. I also cleaned up the body model done by another studio around the windows and back end.

The Mill | Target back to school 2020

I created models/UVs for hand sanitizer, sharpie highlighters, pens/mechanical pencils, erasers, paperclips etc., and all of the objects on the pink binder for a series of Target back to school ads.  The models had to match the photos from on-set and the website, and keeping measurements in mind was important.

Psyop | Dell

I created models/UVs for the parts of the monitor stand and arm, including several logos.  In some cases I was responsible for making quick low res topology for FX artists, and I also modeled some clean subdividing parts that would work for close up renders.

Blériot XXVII

I spotted a pre-WW1 French racing plane on a visit to the Royal Air Force museum in London, and I loved the seven cylinder engine with the really distinctive engine cover, and all of the exposed wood frame. I laid out the UVs in rows based on material, and used procedural approaches in many of my texturing masks. The displacement was made with a combination of hand painting/procedurals in Substance Painter, and logos/text drawn in Illustrator.

FILFURY | Chain Bird

I worked with LA-based artist/director FILFURY on this personal project of his. I created multiple versions of the bird based on sketches he provided, and made revisions based on his feedback. The chain links were modeled without welds to have a sleeker look, and the handcuffs were built to resemble real cuffs without being an exact copy of any specific brand.

Psyop | Cricket

For this quick fun ad, I modeled the lanyards/drink/plate, and did model/texture with some lookdev on the pancakes and shoes based on 2D concept art and set photos.  I used measurements taken on set while modeling the plate/pancakes, and I extracted masks from pancake photos to get better looking crevices.

The Mill | Google

I modeled a series of Chromebooks, using the physical object
and calipers to take precise measurements. I focused on making
clean subdividing topology that would hold up even in super close
up shots.

preymaker | Energy Upgrade CA

 I built a stylized version of the lakebed of lake Oroville and a
bridge, along with a miniature park built with the layout and tree
types of a real park used in live action filming.

The Mill | Nationwide Insurance

 I did modeling/texturing and some lookdev on assets for a series of Nationwide ads. I created a miniature insurance office, a house and bedroom, a big warehouse, props, pigeons, and sculpted new outfits and hair for existing figurines.  I provided textures and masks for lighting/lookdev artists, and made frequent updates based on client notes.

The Mill | Illumina

On this job with a tight schedule, I removed sections of CAD data and built clean subdividing geometry to replace it, focusing my effort on only what was directly seen in the shots.